One Million Star and Super Idol begins their new season

After a fierce battle in the finale between the two singing competition shows just a few weeks ago, One Million Star and Super Idol began their new seasons together this past weekend.  One Million Star is on its 6th season while Super Idol is on its 4th.  They take a different approach in elimination, but it looks like they are still keeping an eye on each other as they pace their shows similarly, giving two parts to first round elimination (part 2 to be aired this coming weekend).

One Million Star takes viewers straight to the studio with 123 contestants who have already passed the preliminary rounds.  Apart from repeaters (contestants coming back again after being eliminated in previous seasons), we got some contestants who were related to other celebs in some way or another, like the son of famous comedian, He Yi Hang, and the cousin of Afalean Lu.  Noticeably, there were many contestants coming from overseas and One Million Star explained that they had paid a visit to Australia to recruit talents.  As a result, there was a fair amount of English songs that were sung by these contestants. 

One Million Star will take an approach that is similar to the popular mainland variety show, 名師高徒 (lit. Famous teacher outstanding disciple).  Four judges will each pick 12 "disciples" out of a pool of 48 contestants who have passed the first round of elimination.  We will have to wait untill this coming weekend to find out more about this.

One Million Star - Season 6, first episode, part 1

Super Idol, before taking us into the studio to begin first round elimination, shows us some memorable (or entertaining) preliminary elimination videos.  Like you would expect in American Idol, preliminary rounds continue to have some playful contestants, as well as those jars-dropping ones that gives you the same vibe as William Hung (so bad that it's funny...).  In any case, we did get to see some familiar faces like Albee from Hei Se Hui Mei Mei, who was unfortunately laughed at by Huang Guo Lun for looking like an elevator operator girl in her profile photo.  Although she didn't pass, she didn't forget her comedic spirit and replied Huang Guo Lun, "Welcome, this lift is going up."

Albee at preliminary rounds

Super Idol invited past contestants to sing on episode 1 (probably thought that would keep the audience interested), and made it a SUPER 2+ hour long show.  Although Super Idol will be cutting right down to 30 people after round 1, the show was painfully long.  A "senior" (past contestant from the show) sings the exact same song as the new contestant before the new contestant goes on.  It wasn't a duet, viewers just gets to hear the same song twice in a row, sung by a "senior" first, then by the new contestant right after. 

It's definitely too early to tell which show has better contestants.  I had to do quite a bit of fast forwarding on both of the shows.  We'll just have to keep watching.

Stars who came from these shows:

One Million Star
Aska Yang - Dropped out of season 1 after age controversy, but has released an album

Yoga Lin - The winner of season 1, and just released his second album

Afalean Lu - Was 4th place in season 1.  He has released two albums and starred in the drama, "比賽開始" (Play Ball).

Rachel Liang - Was runner up in season 2.  Currently preparing to release her second album.  She also starred in the recent drama, "紫玫瑰" (Roseate Love).

Wong Jing Lun - Was 6th place in season 3.  He is currently playing a supporting role in Momo Love.

Super Idol
Chang Yun Jing - Winner of season 1.  Released her debut album this year.

Huang Wen Xing - Runner up from season 1.  Played a supporting role in the idol drama, "我的億萬麵包" (Love or Bread)

Credit: sugoideas

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