No Jolin, No Wu Zun, No Absolute Boyfriend

Back in December 2008, a post stemming from Chinese communication platform Baidu Tieba announced plans for a Taiwanese version of “Absolute Boyfriend,” a popular manga that was adapted into a hit Japanese drama back in 2008. The story revolves around a girl unlucky in love and the love triangle that develops between her, a cybernetic doll engineered to be the “perfect boyfriend”, and a male colleague/friend (depending on the source). Due to the popularity of the original Japanese source material, and given the history of Taiwanese television production companies remaking Japanese manga and dramas for a Chinese audience, much enthusiasm was generated among avid Chinese-speaking drama viewers from this announcement. The hype was fueled further by a rumored casting of Wu Chun and Jolin Tsai as the leads for the supposed new Taiwanese drama.

A month later, an English translation of said Baidu forum post was on popular online forum community AsianFanatics, and similar excitement was spread among their English-speaking counterparts. A flurry of discussion arose from the announcement, ranging in subject matter from the eager anticipation of a new Wu Chun drama, to the merits of Jolin Tsai's acting.

While the English translation of the original Baidu Tieba article was disseminated throughout the English-speaking forums and blogosphere, the original rumor of the Taiwanese remake starring both Wu Chun and Jolin Tsai were eventually quashed as a clever hoax, and the attached hype quickly died along with it.

Unfortunately, the rumor that died in the Chinese-speaking online community continued to thrive in various forms within the English-speaking part, with blog sites continuing to post the original or variations of the source English translation, as well as forum threads staying alive with ongoing discussion about the rumor to this very day.

As next month marks one year since the hoax announcement was created from Baidu Tieba, Wu Chun will be farther along in the filming of his new martial arts flick “14 Blades”, and Jolin Tsai will have already come back to Taiwan from Canada to begin work on her new album.

Let’s hope that the Taiwanese remake rumor of “Absolute Boyfriend” finally reaches its end by then.

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