Night Club Performance a Hit for Della

Continuing from the previous article on the singer’s night club performance, Della made a splash at Taipei’s famous Luxy night club yesterday as she danced and grinded to her previous tunes such as “Night Cat” and “I’m Not Scared”.

Despite the sizzling party atmosphere, Della’s had an emotional performance with her fellow friend Nylon Chen. As they performed for Nylon’s song “Growing Up”, Della occasionally placed her hands on Nylon’s shoulder as he emotionally played on the electric keyboard.

Della also said that she never had time to go clubbing since they tended to go late into the night, but finally got some insight on the night club scene after her concert there. In addition to performing at the famed Taipei night club, she also shared the stage with hip-hop group Magic Power, whom also collaborated with Della on one of her tunes off her latest album.

Source: The Liberty Times

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