Nicholas Tse confirms that Cecilia is pregnant once again

At a press conference for the upcoming new movie, 線人 (The Informers), Nicholas Tse reluctantly confirmed the rumors of his wife, Cecilia Cheung, being pregnant once again, "Because there were a lot of people asking, so I had to go home to does seem that she is pregnant.  But we don't know whether it is a boy or a girl yet."  When asked if it could be twins, Nic highly doubted so.  Cecilia Cheung is currently two months pregnant and Nic revealed that her vomiting has been worse than when she was pregnant with Lucas (Nic's son).

Director Dante Lam previously revealed that there were bed scenes for each of the main leads in the movie.  However, Nic expressed that he is still mentally not ready for it, and said that it is highly unlikely that he would film it.  Journalists asked if it was because he was afraid that Cecilia would get mad, but Nic said no and stated that he is just not prepared for it.  Director Dante Lam commented, "I hadn't even told him who the female lead would be yet!  The scene was put in because it was needed in the story."

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