New “We Are” Single off F.I.R.’s Upcoming 2009 Album

It has been an interesting time of year for veteran Taiwanese rock outfit F.I.R. As 2009 comes to a close next month, F.I.R. will begin releasing their fifth studio album since their “Love Diva” album two years ago.

By itself, the upcoming album release alone warrants more than enough news for a band known more for their music talent than their publicity exposure. But this year has been different, as group members and real-life couples Faye and Real (i.e., the F and R in the band’s name) have had desires of kicking Ian (i.e., the I in the band’s name) off their rock band island following Ian’s recent scandal troubles. Much like Japanese band Do As Infinity, who F.I.R. is often compared to in music styles, went from a trio to a duo, recent news are currently pointing to F.I.R. following suit as well.

Things don’t look as dire as they seem though, as F.I.R. recently released a new single titled “We Are” off their new album, which you can check out below. The new single marks half a decade since breakout song “Lydia” introduced the Mandopop world to the band. Back then, “Lydia” was the ending theme for “The Outsiders”, the last Taiwanese drama that Ady An was in before she was cast in Chinese period drama shows. With Ady An’s successful comeback this season in the Taiwanese drama “Autumn’s Concerto”, perhaps F.I.R will achieve similar success.

F.I.R.’s “We Are” Track (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop2):

Source: UrAsianSourceCpop2

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