New Genie Cho MV from Play n Fun [1 + 1] Album

A year after the release of her last album, veteran music sweetheart Genie Cho returns to singing form with the release of her latest album. With the album's name being "Play n Fun [1 + 1]", Genie oddly chose to introduce her new material with a sad ballad track. Titled "一秒也好", the song directly translates as "One Second is Okay" or "One Second is Enough", and stars both the singer and also actor Bryant Chang of "Tokyo Juliet" fame as her love interest.

In order to evoke a sense of unforgettable feelings and of lovers' great dismay to match the song's mood for the MV, a large glass wall was brought in and placed outside buildings in various state of decay. The video's concept had Genie wearing a small, white wedding dress while Bryant stood on the other side of the glass wall in the poignant moments. Both Genie and Bryant joked around with the large glass set piece's use in the MV, shouting lines at each other such as "I can see you, but I can't kiss you or touch you at all, not for even one second!"

The two entertainers also playfully complained to the director about how after finally being able to work together, they weren't even allowed to touch each other all day long during the shoot, to which the director responded with laughter that it was necessary for the plot.

The filming of the MV was originally supposed to be done months ago, but the entertainment company pushed back the date on those plans due to the typhoon and torrential rains that hit Taiwan during that time. Since there was worry that Genie's white dress would get soaked during the numerous rain storms, the film date was changed on three different occasions. Recently improved weather conditions did allow the film crew to smoothly complete the shooting process.

Check out the MV in all its glory below!


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