New Della MV: Light-hearted…Rap Rock?

Chinese singing sensation Della is riding a fresh wave of success, achieving several noteworthy accomplishments such as her first night club concert at the famous Luxy Nightclub Taipei, her recent album release a month ago, and also having her songs featured in the highest-rated Taiwanese drama currently airing “Autumn’s Concerto”.

Much of her success is not only her talented singing, but also the diversity in her songs. With her dynamically smooth song “I’m Not Scared”, her power ballad tune “I Love Him”, and her Jolin Tsai-esque dance track “Night Cat,” Della has proven that she can provide range in her musical styles.

Following in the steps of her diverse songs, Della recently released her new MV “He Said You’re Useless”, which features the always energetic Taiwanese rap-rock squad Magic Power. Their new song features uplifting fare from Della which calls to mind some of the softer vocals from Faye of F.I.R. On the other side of the spectrum, Magic Power’s cameo singing evokes the male singing found in mixed-gender groups such as Da Mouth and WOW.

This track collaboration with a rap vibe is not exactly a first for Della, as she has paired up with famed Taiwanese hip-hop artist MC Mong in the past for her previous album’s track “I’m Not Scare”, but Della’s vibrant singing and Magic Power’s underground-inspired vocals for this particular song contrast much more in level, albeit surprisingly well.

Judge for yourself whether Della’s new Gap commercial-like MV pulls off the mix of two contrasting styles below.

Della's "He Says You're Useless 他說你沒用" MV:

Source: TaiwanMV

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