New CpopAccess Facebook Page!

Hello, everyone! After launching our site nearly two weeks ago, we are very proud with the progress that our site is making. There's still a lot of work to do in order to expand awesome Cpop news coverage to current and future fans of the genre, but we're hopeful that we can help pull it off.

To continue expanding our news coverage, we've launched a Facebook page to extend to a different online frontier. We're still experimenting with the idea of having a page since we're still just a new site, but our desire is to have a Facebook page that will help spread the word on our site. For you wonderful readers out there, please add yourself as a fan of your site and get yourself acquainted with the site! We're still small, but we have big dreams to help develop the English-based Cpop online community!

Looking forward to seeing you guys on our new Facebook page!

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