New Soothing Song from Chris Lee!

Mandopop singer Chris Lee (Yuchun Li) has been getting some love on her new song “Qian Yu Qian Xun (lit., A Thousand Fields Away)” from netizens recently. The Chinese singer, who rose to fame after her win on the single contest television show “Super Girl” and is famous for breaking the stereotype of female singers with her radical style, pulls off an excellent and soothing piece that is successfully complemented by soft piano playing and soothing electric beats.

The song currently does not have an MV out yet, but the promotional image attached to the song displays an image of Chris that abandons her trademark dirty bleached hair and reverts back to a more natural and bolder black hair. In addition, Chris’ look from the promotional image for her newer songs seems to touch more on the short-haired version of Joanne Zeng of Taiwanese mandopop female duo Sweety than her previous comparisons with Ella Chen of famed Taiwanese mandopop female trio S.H.E.

EDIT: Cpop blogger cfensi, who writes an awesome blog on the Mandopop music scene from mainland Chinese artists, further added that Chris also composed this particular song and over half a dozen other songs for her upcoming album. What's more is that Lu Hu, who composed for Top Combine's first album, also composed one of the songs off of Chris' new album. Definitely check out cfensi's blog for outstanding coverage on artists like Chris Lee.

Check out Chris’ new song for yourself and see if you dig Chris’ more recent music style below!

Chris Lee’s “Qian Yu Qian Xun” (audio only):

She composed like 8 songs on her upcoming album, and one track will be composed by Lu Hu, the guy who composed Top Combine's song.

Source: UrAsianSourceCpop2

Pauli's Comment:
I heard about Chris Lee several years ago as being the unconventional winner of China's version of "American Idol". I also remember reading up about how a Chinese politician once remarked that democracy doesn't work everywhere as proof of Chris Lee winning the competition, which is pretty much a major burn on her. But after listening to this song and her theme song for the Monkey King cartoon (where her voice is surprisingly different from this song), I can definitely understand the hype that she's been getting over there. Anyway, I really hope Chris does an MV for this song. I really like it.

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