Musician Ricky Xiao goes on Facebook despite blindness

Ricky Xiao surfs the web in spite of not being able to see.

Who said the visually impaired can’t go on Facebook! Blind musician Ricky Xiao chats on MSN, interacts with fans, and even goes on Facebook with the help of a Braille terminal.

Even though Ricky Xiao is blind in both eyes, in order to be a part of the ever popular social networking website Facebook, he recently purchased a ‘Braille terminal'; Ricky Xiao explained that this device can translate text into Braille characters (raised dots writing system). Although it is time consuming to read line-by-line, it allows him to stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of his friends through the Internet.

Ricky Xiao also said that not only he can chat with friends over MSN and interact with fans; he can even update his blog or play the popular game “Happy Farm”.

However, the Braille terminal still has its limits. Ricky Xiao points out, “The terminal is unable to read images. Hopefully the fans can leave their messages in text format for now, or else the computer won’t understand!”

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Source: NOWnews
Translations: fufu's PA

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