More Updates on Vic Chou and Jerry Yan’s Relationship and Hopeless F4 New Year’s Eve Reunion

Chinese media are still reporting on the situation involving Vic Chou and Jerry Yan’s inability to attend a major New Year’s Eve concert event in Guangzhou together with their F4 band mates. Furthermore, rumors continue to elaborate that Vic and Jerry’s inability to attend is related to the currently rumored lukewarm state between the two famous stars.

Organizers who are putting together the musical lineup for this year’s huge New Year’s Eve concert at Guangzhou Gymnasium gave a seven-digit offer to add Taiwanese veteran boy band F4 to join the lineup. The concert organizers revealed though that when they originally talked with the group about solidifying a deal, only group members Vanness Wu and Ken Chu expressed interest and were also willing adjust their schedules to participate in it. Regarding the rest of the F4 group, the organizers only heard from Jerry Yan and Vic Chou that they haven’t firmly agreed on when they will share the same stage, and also mentioned, “[Jerry and Vic’s] attitude is ‘me not him’, that there are only three people, and that it’s impossible to ask F4 to be there for New Year’s Eve.”

Vic’s manager responded in turn, “It’s not that he’s not willing to share the stage. When they originally came to arrange this, we said that it didn’t fit our schedule. Vic is now filming a movie, and if he has time, we will consider it.” When asked if Vic can collaborate with Jerry, “We are unable to for the time being, because our schedules have already been arranged. While Vanness and Ken are currently busy with their dramas “Autumn’s Concerto” and “Momo Love”, respectively, both of them are willing to go on stage together. That’s interesting, compared to the lukewarm attitude between both Vic and Jerry.


Pauli's Comment:
I still don't know the validity of this news, but this article and variations of it have been appearing in numerous Chinese media. The relationship between Vic and Jerry may very well be media hype, but the lack of an F4 New Year's Eve reunion seems quite legit.

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