Momo Love’s ratings at rock bottom; Cyndi and Jiro’s relationship turn sour?

It has been a month since the debut of Momo Love, which is a drama produced by GTV, aired on CTV, and the drama is now last place in ratings, competing against the other idol dramas: Autumn’s Concerto and Hi, My Sweetheart. Momo Love, starring Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang, is adapted from the Japanese manga, Momoka Typhoon. Although Momo Love contains a strong cast, which includes Ken Chu of F4, Ding Chun Cheng, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, and Jing Wong, the ratings have not been up to expectations.

GTV is still trying to identify the reason to such low results. Netizens of the popular PTT forum, on the other hand, harshly criticize that the drama lacks content and an interesting plot. In addition, some stated, “Ken Chu’s face is too big. It doesn’t look good on screen,” and, “None of Jiro’s dramas have ever done well. He clearly can’t bring in the ratings.”

The audience has shown more interest in the comedic quartet (Ding Chun Cheng, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, and Jing Wong) than the main couple of Cyndi and Jiro. Thus, rumors have risen that Cyndi and Jiro’s relationship have turned sour due to the criticisms and rating. Some staff members of the drama also reported that Cyndi and Jiro’s interactions were awkward during the filming. Cyndi’s manager, Zhang Jia Rong, declined such claims and stated that Cyndi’s relationship with a co-star wouldn’t turn sour just because of a bad series. Zhang further expressed confidence in Cyndi by stating that her acting and popularity have long been proven in “La robe de Mariee des cieux” and “Smiling Pasta.” However, Cyndi was in tears in front of the media recently due to the pressure that is put on her. Cyndi expressed that she has been having trouble sleeping because of this.

Understandably, if the drama is well received, the cast can choose to do less promotional activities or even none at all. However, since this is not the case, many showed dissatisfaction toward Ken Chu as he still has not attended any press conference for Momo Love since the very first when the crew announced the start of the filming.

Credit: nownews

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