Momo Love’s Jing Wong is “OK MAN”

Jing Wong’s new silly and fun image matches his simple personality; each set of promotional clothing is accessorized with a cute bow-tie.

Jing Wong’s new album “OK MAN” will be released on Dec. 11th. His new image coincides with the silly character he portrays in the TV drama “Momo Love”; cute bow-ties were especially added to the promotional clothing to match this theme. Jing laughed and said, “I haven’t wore this type of “jiu-jiu” (bow-ties) since graduating from primary school, but it’s so cute, it’s like going back to the time when I was young again!” Jing is thrilled that his album is finally being released. He has been practicing at home everyday, and was surprised when his neighbors complained about his noise level.

Jing said, “Because the sound insulation is poorly done at my home, I figured no one would hear me if I sing in the shower instead. I was surprised when the landlord told me a few days ago that my neighbors thought I was too loud. I didn’t even hear them when they knocked on my door!” Jing was embarrassed about the situation and explained, “I was really worried about being kicked out, so nowadays I rarely practice singing at home. I can even hear the “ding ding” sound when my neighbor goes on MSN; that’s how bad the insulation is.

For the title song “Hollow Man”, Jing revealed that there was a period of time when he sounded like a girl. Even when he called to reserve a cab or ordered Mc Donald’s (for delivery), the operator would mistaken him for Miss Wong. Jing said, “When something like this happens, I don’t know if I should correct them and say that I’m a guy!” Famous for being frugal, Jing was asked by reporters if he would take a cab or pubic transit when pursuing a girl, he answered, “I usually take public transit, not to save money, but because the ride takes longer on public transit, so there is more time to sit together. And you can also sit further back, or choose a route that is less crowded. A cab reaches its destination too soon, leaving no time to chat!” Jing’s unique theory made people laughed, but based on his “OK MAN” trait, as long as the girl said yes, he would do anything for her.

Source: NOWnews, facebook
Translations: fufu's PA

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