Mike He Admits that Tough Guys Don’t Want Tame Girls

Charlene as an Ideal Female Best Friend

Mike He and Charlene Choi are getting along very well with their collaboration in the Taiwanese idol drama “Calling for Love”. When the both of them interviewed for “Beauty” magazine several days ago, Mike made the claim that Charlene was the most ideal female best friend.

Since that interview, Mike hadn’t spread the scandal, and admitted that he had his mind on work and was not currently seeking romance. Regarding what he sees in a girl, Mike said that he values a girl’s personality the most, and that although he likes the attractive-type like Vivian Chow or Gigi Lai, he expressed that he would not fall in love with a beautiful girl.

Mike went on to say, “I’m a tough guy that is controlling and wishes to be strong. As long as my girlfriend doesn’t leave me, then I’ll think like that. I’m scared that things might go badly, and also scared that I might chase her out."

"I can only stand going places with my girlfriend and female friends. If I’m with guys, it’ll turn ugly. Nothing like that will happen with my girlfriend! With clothing, my girlfriend can only wear short skirts when she’s together with me.”

Refusing to Fall in Love with Someone in his Circle of Friends

Of all the female stars he has worked with, Mike claimed that Charlene and Rainie Yang (of "Devil Beside You" fame) were the most ideal female best friends, because with those two, their looks match their personality.

But he says that he can’t become more than friends with someone in his circle, because he can’t accept his girlfriend doing a kissing scene, and also can’t bear with the complicated various male-female relationships.

Mentioning Joe Cheng (of "It Started with a Kiss" fame) and how he released an album, Mike laughed and said, “I also like to sing. Compared to him, I sing and dance better.”

Mike also said that his younger days were idiotic, where he often did things out of control, but stopped short by saying that he didn't break any laws.

Charlene Loves a Boyfriend with a Sense of Humor

Charlene admitted that the things a guy has to be to date her are pretty strict. In addition with understanding how to be independent, he must also be brilliant and have a sense of humor.

Regarding skin care, she said she eats more soups and puts on a clay facial mask. Charlene also said, “Girls worry most about getting fat, but I don’t have that problem. It’s hard for me to get fat, and I’m only worried about my face. So when I was young, I would always press down on my cheeks."

She also said that Twins didn’t break up, and that they’re only doing their own thing temporarily. Charlene also stated that wants to become a great actress whom seems innocent, but is actually quite deceptive.

Source: sina.com.hk

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