Mark Chao was once turned down by Chai Zhi Ping

Mark Chao, who is 24, just won Golden Bell's best actor award. He had already showed his acting ability when he was still studying abroad in Canada. Just before his graduation, Marks' father, Zhao Shu Hai, went to his good friend, Chai Zhi Ping, the mother (producer) of hit idol dramas. Chai told the media, "It was two years ago when Zhao Shu Hai came to me with Mark's profile and photo, recommending his son as a talented actor. He stated that Mark really wanted to enter showbiz and asked if there was any opportunity. However, I had already signed Mike He to act in 'Calling Big Star' at the time, so I didn't have any roles for Mark and lost the chance to work with him."

In the end, Chai advised Zhao to take Mark to try other producing companies. Since Zhao was invited to act in "Black & White," he brought Mark along to audition for a role. Mark won over all the judges and successfully got the role to Wu Ying Xiong (Hero).

Chai Zhi Ping commented, "It's good training for him to participate in "Black and White," as the filming took 8 months and altogether from preparation to the finish, the project lasted two years. It was a big production and the cast got along very well. He's very good. You could see how he continued to improve and tweak his acting in the drama. I'm very happy for him to have won the award."

Credit: UDN news

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