Male stars all love coffee!

Lately, it seems to be a trend for Taiwanese male stars to sell coffee.  Following Mark Chao's footsteps, Anthony Neely, who became well known after appearing on One Million Star as a challenger, will also be filming a commercial for a coffee brand.  But speaking of coffee commercials, we shouldn't forget the pioneer, Aaron Kwok.

Thinking back to ten years ago, Aaron was still a fresh face in Taiwan.  Aaron quickly rose to fame after filming a set of motorcycle commercials, and everyone started to notice this young man, who had a bright smile.  Thus, this mesmerizing pretty boy became a spokesperson for many products such as chocolate and coffee drinks, which became hot discussions amongst the public.

In the chocolate drink commercial back then, Aaron held up the "M" brand affectionately while standing in the rain, and shouted to his girlfriend, "You are my chocolate!"  It was absolutely romantic, which caused many fans to fall head over heels for him.  Then in his coffee commercial, Aaron played a cool and handsome character.  The girl's phrase, "Can't stand that cool," became one of the most popular commercial lines at the time.

Mark Chao, on the other hand, starred in his coffee commercial with his dad.  In the commercial, Mark is an unsuccessful man in both love and work.  He uses coffee to relieve his pressure.  The company invited Mark's father, Zhao Shu Hai, to make a special appearance, relating coffee to the warmth that your family gives you.

In the past, drinking coffee has often been associated as being drunk by people of the working class or adults in general.  However, some brands have tried to expand into the teenage market such as by inviting Mayday as their spokesperson.  At the time, they used, "I will be 18 one day," as the main theme.  In the commercial, members of Mayday are banned from watching adult movies, chased home after midnight, and only allowed to ride bikes and not motorbikes, which are things that you can't do before 18.  But in the commercial, they are drinking coffee all the time, indicating that coffee can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Although Anthony Neely's price to star in commercials is definitely not as high as Mark Chao's, it'll be interesting to see how coffee will be portrayed in his version.  The filming of the commercial will start soon.

Credits: NOWnews, slam169, lopman996, yanixa

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