Lollipop no F4 or Mayday? No Prob to Them

Taiwanese boy band Lollipop, famous for their Taiwanese variety television show “Bang Bang Tang”, will be stepping on stage at Guangzhou Gymnasium on December 12 to start off their concert tour. Several days prior on November 13, the group made a public appearance in Guangzhou to celebrate their first-day announcement of their “I am Legend Guangzhou Concert”.

With audiences traditionally critical of Lollipop in Guangzhou, debating that they are neither as handsome as veteran boy band superstars F4 (now known as JVKV), nor as vocally talented as alternative rock band Mayday (五月天), one wonders whether the band can sell tickets in Guangzhou. The six members of the group calmly answered that Lollipop’s trademark has been their compassion towards their listeners: “We‘re not the best, but we can be even better.”

Lollipop is assuring that their Guangzhou performance will surely be worth seeing: “We’ll have four stages out back, coupled with a movable LED floor, eight rising platforms, six raised platforms, six stage slings, as well as many other equipment. “Our wardrobe will also be incredible. We’ll have Napolean-style military uniforms, steampunk knight gear, Teletubbie costumes, Prince Charming clothes with coattails, diamond-encrusted T-shirts…and others that you’ll just have to see. We’re having a blast wearing them.” Lollipop also vowed: “We will sing Cantonese songs, and also have a provocative performance.

Talking about non-stop conditions being on stage, the six guys of Lollipop laughed. “Prince once went on stage wearing socks, William once almost got knocked out by an audio shelf while running on stage, Brian once almost got his pants stripped off while interacting with a fan…”

Debuting as high school students three years ago, Lollipop has now grown up and recently been frequent targets of scandals. Earlier, Wayne and Hey Girls’ Ya Tou were reported as having a scandal during the filming of their idol drama “Brown Sugar Macchiato”, and Owodog and Cantopop singer Theresa Fu were reported as having a romantic involvement during the filming of their movie “Martial Spirit”. Regarding this, the Lollipop band members laughed it off and said, “Everyone knows that now’s not the time for dating. Please don’t get serious over these rumors. We simply want to get better.” Owodog also presented a mature tone on the matter: “Scandals are a natural phenomenon, and there’s a lot of distortion in the news. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or band, since we don’t care about reading the news.”

Source: Sina

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