[New English subs!] Lee Jun Ki checks out Taiwan's pig blood cake and c-string

Last week, Azio TV finally broadcasted the episode of Lee Jun Ki on Be Friends, after much protest from netizens.  The episode was recorded last month when Lee Jun Ki visited Taiwan to hold a concert.  Azio TV explained that the broadcast was held back because other singers who went on the show pressured the network to air their episodes first due to album promotions.  Nonetheless, the Lee Jun Ki episode finally saw daylight and it was an episode that Jun Ki fans should not miss.

Host Mickey Huang met Lee Jun Ki at his president suite at the hotel to conduct the interview.  The show’s crew presented a bottle of Kaoliang to Lee Jun Ki as a gift, and Lee Jun Ki immediately tried a sip of it.  Since Kaoliang is high in alcohol content, it stung Lee Jun Ki’s tongue where Mickey joked, “You’d be in flames if I took out my lighter.”

Lee Jun Ki was then introduced to a series of popular Taiwanese snacks…

Mickey led by example by taking a bite first (even when he had to spit out some of the spicy preserved eggs).  Mickey explained to Lee Jun Ki that the pig ears are wrapped around some pig tongue meat.  Although the thought of it was not very appetizing, it sure was tasty. Next, it was pig blood cake, which has been listed as the strangest food by an England travelling web site.  Last but not least, pig blood soup was presented, which Lee Jun Ki commented as being the weakest dish (shock-factor wise).  In the end, Lee Jun Ki chose his favorite, which was the green pepper and fermented soybean preserved egg.

Mickey then took the opportunity to introduce some of the current popular female stars in Taiwan.  Out of Amber Ann, Li Yu Fen, Yao Yao, and Hui Ci, Lee Jun Ki chose Li Yu Fen (model) as his ideal girlfriend and lead actress for MVs, while he chose Amber Ann (entertainer) as ideal co-star (for movies) and friend whom he can talk his inner feelings to. 

When Mickey asked Lee Jun Ki why he didn’t choose Yao Yao or Hui Ci in any of the categories, he explained that Yao Yao seemed more like a younger sister.  Immediately, Mickey replied, “Good taste!  Because she (Yao Yao) became popular for her young-looking face and large chest,” making Lee Jun Ki choke.  As for Hui Ci, Lee Jun Ki expressed that she felt a little too manly.  When Mickey revealed the photo of Hui Ci, Lee Jun Ki called out, “Oh my God!” without realizing that it was Hui Ci’s most famous phrase.  Just when Lee Jun Ki thought that the surprise was over, Amber Ann’s photo definitely made Lee Jun Ki’s face turn red as it was Amber posing in her c-string (underwear) ad.  Mickey then said, “Don’t think that I can’t tell just because you’ve got small eyes.  You're trying to peek (at the c-string photo), aren’t you?”  Lee Jun Ki could only giggle.

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