Jolin Tsai Voted Asia’s Sexiest Female Singer in Recent KKBOX Poll

A recent poll conducted by Taiwanese online music store KKBOX, which asked “Who in your mind is the number one sexiest female singer in all of Asia?”, listed Jolin Tsai at the top with 3,287 votes. Topping out the rest of the top five were Japanese singer Namie Amuro, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, Japanese singer Kumi Koda, and Korean singer Hyori Lee.

Jolin was currently overseas when reached by phone through her managing company. While she stated that she was in Canada, her whereabouts for the next ten days were kept a secret, and that she’s living a life in a foreign country where “no one recognizes her”. While on the phone, Jolin expressed, “I’m happy. I’m not being filmed, and no one recognizes me.” But she has been known to be a ditz, cooking sweet noodles that are supposed to be salty, lacking any concept of numbers and money, and violating traffic laws while driving.

So how will she take care of herself in a foreign country? Her agent stated that Jolin will call on her friends living in various countries, and that she can still find people to join her to eat, watch movies, and enjoy a less hectic life. She’s also using her current activities to inspire her for her new album next year. Although she plans on returning back to Taiwan, she still hasn’t bought her return trip tickets.

Source: Zaobao

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