Jing Wong crashes into pole!

Jing Wong was beginning the shooting of his first single release “My mom” in his second album OK MAN.  The MV required Jing to ride a motorbike.  When the director asked Jing whether he knew how to ride one, Jing replied, “I should be fine.  Furthermore, I have a driver’s license in Singapore, so I can definitely ride a motorbike.”  Thus, the staff trusted Jing’s skill, but when director shouted, “Brake!” Jing suddenly stepped on the gas pedal and crashed into a pole.  The staff was all in shock, and because of this accident, the filming of the MV is now put on hold.

When Jing’s manager asked what happened, Jing embarrassingly replied, “I don’t know either.  Maybe because I was too nervous or that I’m not used to riding motorbikes.”  When asked if he was hurt, he laughed, “I’m fine, but I feel that this is so embarrassing.  I’m so embarrassed that I want to just go home right now!”

Other than feeling repent, Jing’s first reaction was checking the motorbike’s condition.  Unfortunately, the side mirrors were damaged and Jing moaned, “I’ve just begun promoting my second album and I already have to pay for damages before even earning any money!”  The staff comforted Jing and told him that the company will take care of the cost of the damages.

It has been two years since Jing debut in Taiwan and his earnings continue to rise.  In order to save money, Jing revealed that he only eat one meal a day.  He managed to pay off his student loan with his savings and he smiled, “I feel success.  I hope that I can slowly earn more money so that my mom and dad don’t  keep calling me and ask whether I have enough money.”

Source: NOW news

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