Jay Chou’s “Pandamen” airs on January 22 of next year on CTS

CTS is determined to make the Friday 10pm timeslot popular.  After “Black & White’s” achievement, which starred Vic Chou, Jay Chou’s “Pandamen” will take over the slot.  He is producing, directing, as well as acting in the drama.  Besides Jerry Yan, Shawn Yue, and Will Liu making a special appearance, Jay’s rumored girlfriend, Jessie Chiang will also be starring in it, proving that Jay not only helps his buddies, but also takes care of his girlfriend.

In the Friday 10pm timeslot, other than CTV’ One Million Star, FTV, TTV, and CTS are all airing series.  CTS currently has the popular Golden Bell series, “Black & White,” in its timeslot, which its ratings is doing not bad.  After CTS bought the broadcasting rights to Jay’s “Pandamen,” rumors say that it is impossible for CTS to air it on Friday, which is a weak timeslot.  However, the network has made the decision to put it on Fridays and the broadcasting will start on January 22.

Jay once said, “Pandamen” is a drama that is filmed like a movie, which the production is already costing a hundred-million.  In the drama, Jay plays an intelligent cop who is also skilled in martial arts, but his screen time is less than that of Yu Hao and Dan Tou of Nan Quan Mama.  However, Jay would say, “If I get more screen time, what would they do?”

Jessie Chiang plays a teacher of “杰威爾音樂學院” (JVR Music School), but she and Jay have very few scenes together.  Furthermore, even though she plays a couple with Yu Hao, they also rarely have any intimate scenes, perhaps due to Jay’s relation with Jessie.

Since “Pandamen” has a fair amount of scenes at the zoo, CTS plans to organize a charity event with the city zoo.

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