Jam Hsiao tops this week's album sales

The nominees of Golden Melody’s Best New Artist in this past June dominate this week’s Five Music album sales chart.  Crowd Lu, Jam Hsiao, and Yoga Lin are all taking a spot on the chart; But it is Jam Hsiao who takes the top spot with his newly released album, Love Moments.  Jam also takes the top spot on G-music’s album sales chart.  Love Moments is a collection of previous famous hit songs by female singers, which Jam covers.

Jam, who became famous from appearing on One Million Star as a challenger, used to be a pub singer before debut.  Thus, Jam performs these songs of other singers with ease, especially with “新不了情” (New Endless Love), touching many fans.  This was also the song that he sung on One Million Star. Although he was in disappointment at the time due to losing to his opponent, Aska Yang, it opened up his singing career.  We can hear the sadness from the past mixed with new feelings in Jam’s latest rendition of “新不了情”.

Last month, Abin Fang’s Regrets was also an album covering famous hit songs by female singers.  Although with different tracks, Jam followed the same concept in Love Moments.  Both albums pay a tribute to these divas of Chinese pop music, which includes Sandy Lam, Faye Wong, Amei Chang, and Stefanie Sun.

Yoga Lin’s Senses Around continues to float in top 5 in the album sales charts. Furthermore, his album is also doing quite well in digital downloads, and his singles, “感同身受” (Empathy) and “說謊” (Lie) also takes first and fifth place respectively on ezPeer+.

Watch Jam's  “新不了情” (New Endless Love) MV

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN news, shannonhon

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