Jam Hsiao gives 999 roses to his fans

Jam Hsiao, whose latest album LOVE Moments was just released on November 13th, held an outdoor concert and autographing session event on the 15th at Xi Men Ding.  In order to create the same theme as the album, Jam's record company used heart-shaped balloons as the stage's background.  Jam laughed, "this kind of decoration makes me feel like it's Valentine's Day today."  In addition, his record company also gave him a pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag as a present, wishing him success in "hitting" big with his latest album.  Jam replied, "I've been riding by bike as part of a work out.  Now that I have a punching bag, I can work out at home."

For the event, Jam took money out of his own pocket and prepared 999 roses to give to the fans as thanks.  Other than promoting his latest album, Jam will also be holding a concert on December 26 at the Taipei Arena.  His company originally hired a personal trainer for him, but he immediately rejected, "I don't like the feeling of counting down to the concert.  It'll make me nervous and nothing will get done in the end."  Although the staff worries about his progress in preparing for this big concert, Jam comforts, "Don't worry, I will prepare myself well.  This is my first big concert event, so it is more important to me than to anyone else."

Jam's latest album, LOVE Moments, is a tribute to the divas of pop, containing a total of 10 tracks.  Jam uses his own style to give these songs a fresh feeling.  Many fans will await Jam's performance at the Taipei Arena.

Credit: NOWnews

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