Jam Hsiao Channels Jolin Tsai in Latest MV

It’s been two years since Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao began his fateful journey on the American Idol-inspired Taiwanese singing competition show “One Million Stars.” Since that time, Jam would use his explosive vocals and go on to release six albums and receive accolades from established Taiwanese singers such as A-Mei.

After his two year journey, it looks like Jam Hsiao is reverting back to his roots of singing cover songs from his “One Million Stars” days with the release of his new MV. This time, Jam presents a song that channels Jolin Tsai with his rendition of the pop diva’s famous slow tune “Rewind.”

The original song, which multi-talented singer/songwriter Jay Chou wrote specifically for Jolin and which Jay also sung live in concert, takes on a second life with a much harsher rock feel that surprisingly survived the transition from melancholy pop melody to angst rock ballad.

Check out Jam’s latest MV (courtesy of TaiwanMV) and “rewind” back to the performances of both Jay and Jolin, and determine which of the three J-lettered names pulled off this classic song the best.

Jam Hsiao's Rendition:

Jolin Tsai's Rendition:

Jay Chou's Rendition:

Credit: TaiwanMV

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