Jackie Chan enters the operating room to provide aid to babies born with cleft lips and palates

Jackie Chan as doctor's assistant, provides assistance in surgery for cleft lip and palate child.

Though he is afraid of injections, Jackie Chan was invited to become the "Smile Ambassador" and went to Vietnam to care for babies born with cleft lips and palates. He even took the post as the doctor's assistant, entering the operating room for one child's surgery. Jackie Chan said, "During the course of the surgery, my muscles were completely taut and were twitching. Just a short 45 minutes surgery was more tiring than 3 hours of exercise!" Ultimately, Jackie Chan personally held the infant to deliver him back to his mother. He pushed back tears as he looked into the other's grateful eyes and received the great maternal love.

Jackie Chan could not conceal his shock and picked up his cell phone to write down his feelings to send to his company manager, Li Hui Liang. He said, "I could not eat anything tonight because I was in the operation room all day serving as the doctor's surgery assistant -- providing assistance with the bloody lip and palate repair surgery." He said, "When I heard the hiss of the flesh being cut open by the doctor, the hair on my skin stood stright up. Even though I was only a small assistant, every movement I made was with extreme care."

"So, changing a person's life takes only $210 USD!" Jackie Chan looked at the child from the successful surgery and thought about how, in the future, when he drank milk, it would no longer leak out -- it is most important that he keeps his honor.

Source: UDN

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