Introducing Yuanxi Li and Her New “Travel on the Map” MV

Sometimes hot and steamy, other times pure and wholesome, 19 year old Yuanxi Li has already been molded as the Queen of Variety. Standing on stage with her cheery and feminine voice, the 2009 contestant for China’s “Super Girl” singing competition gives off a dynamic, fresh, and unique singing style onstage, and an incredibly lively and cute attitude offstage.

In an interview on “A Date with Lu Yu” that aired back in July, Yuanxi amply manifested her energetic, sweet, and sincere personality upfront. Either on or off the stage, Yuanxi gives off a kind of rare vibe, a star appearance which veterans in the industry appreciably remarked, “With one look, you have that kind of feeling of charismatic success.” Some have compared the rookie Chinese singer with the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki or Jolin Tsai, while others have said that she shared a bit of Elva Hsiao in her singing. Whatever the case, everyone can agree that the 19 year old girl that is full of personality is phenomenal.

Yuanxi recently released an MV titled "Travel on the Map", which highlights her really happy style. Check it out below and let her singing cheer you up!

Yuanxi Li's "Travel on the Map" MV (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCPop)

Source: Hudong, UrAsianSourceCPop

Pauli's Comment:
What's really cool about Yuanxi's new MV is not the story (there's none) or the concept (basic stuff), but the Chinese subs themselves. Except for an occasional Jay Chou or Cyndi Wang MV, almost all Mandopop MVs put no thought in displaying Chinese subs, which is fine. For some reason though, I found how the MV displayed the subs pretty cool. The simple things in life, really.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I see Yuanxi channeling either Jolin or Elva in her singing style, and I especially can't hear the chipmunk-like singing or J-pop influences typically found in Ayumi's tunes. Seems like whoever wrote the source article just randomly threw in names and hoped something would stick.

On the other hand, Yuanxi does seem like she might do well in the industry. And the singer does remind me of a mix of Cyndi Wang with her cuteness and Cindy Yen with her vocals. That I can definitely work with.

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