If Crowd Lu had 7 days left

Singer song-writer Crowd Lu appeared on Azio TV’s Be Friends several days ago.  During the show, he spoke about his past accident where he was hit by a bus.  Oddly, Crowd expressed thanks to the person who caused him to be hit by the bus.  Crowd then explained that because of the accident, he started his music career.

Since Crowd’s latest album is titled, Seven Days, host Mickey Huang asked if he had seven days left to live, what he would do.  Crowd immediately answered, “To confess to the girl I like!”  In addition, Crowd, who has been afraid of the dark since little, said that he would visit the scariest haunted house in Taiwan.   Crowd mentioned that when he went to Andy Lau’s autographing session, he was almost stepped over by a crowd of fans, thus, he has been afraid of crowded places ever since.  Therefore, in his last seven days, he would visit the most crowded night market and stuff himself full (Taiwan’s night markets are full of food stalls).  Following that, he would also cut his mushroom head and dye his hair.

As for the last two days, Crowd said that he would spend it with his family.  But interestingly, he revealed that his mom used to have him wear stockings and put on an act with his sister to make her laugh.  Since his mom loved watching Chang Fei (variety host), he would be asked to do an imitation of Chang Fei as well.

When asked what type of girl he liked, Crowd answered, “Her hairstyle is very important.”  After being put in the hot seat for awhile, Crowd reluctantly chose Kwai Lun Mei as his ideal type.

Source: NOWnews

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