Huang Xiao Ming acts in Ip Man 2: All men should practice martial arts

On the night of November 25th, Huang Xiao Ming entertained Fan Bing Bing and some friends, colleagues, and staff members at the Ningbo Marriott Hotel where he was staying. It turns out that it was to celebrate his own birthday. Huang Xiao Ming, currently acting in Ip Man 2, said, "All men should practice martial arts."

All men should practice martial arts

According to Ningbo Net reports, Huang Xiao Ming told reporters, "Filming for idol drama, Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏, has been completed. I am presently shooting Ip Man 2 directed by Wilson Yip. I act as the eldest disciple of Yip Man, Wong Chun. Because there are many fight scenes in the movie, I have learned a lot of martial arts from Donnie Yen." When reporters asked whether he had any thoughts after learning martial arts, Huang Xiao Ming thought about it for a bit and answered, "I think that all men should practice martial arts."

Although he has constantly been developing in the movies and television field, when he displayed his singing abilities, Huang Xiao Ming received much praise. At this year's Global Chinese Songs ceremony, Huang Xiao Ming also won the Best All-round Artiste Award. Facing this honor, Huang Xiao Ming said, "I live up to its name."

Birthday feast is Cantonese Cuisine

According to insiders, Huang Xiao Ming booked dishes for two tables at the Marriot Hotel. One table was entirely staff while the other composed of his friends and colleagues. Each table held about 20 people. There were only 10 warm dishes, no cold dishes and hors d'ouvres. Reporters noticed that these 10 warm dishes were all Cantonese dishes including Gong Fu soup 功夫汤, a suckling pig 烤乳猪, and a golden soup 金汤炖辽参. Moreover, the vegetables were all freshly flown in from Guangdong; the dimsum were also Cantonese.

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