G.I.P, bringing it on against Super Junior-M

Looks like Super Junior-M has their work cut out for them. New Asian pop group G.I.P (亞帥公爵 lit. Handsome Asian Dukes), composed of Chinese-born Koreans, have stepped into the Chinese music boy band scene to face off as Super Junior-M's greatest adversaries. Scouted in a chance encounter by their future manager while performing in the subway, the six members are led by Wei Yuanguo, and joined by lead vocalist Jin Guisheng, as well as Cui Mingzhe, Lin Guangguo, Xu Chenglin, and rapper Cui Lin. This debut group have already begun sweeping the country with their innovative combination of hip-hop, dance, and rap skills. Bringing new elements of hip-hop into their music, G.I.P has been labeled by many as "Asia's Number One Perfect Harmony Group."

Though only in the final preparation stage for the release of their debut album, G.I.P's six members have been relentlessly pitted against Super Junior-M since debut. To this, G.I.P says, "Before debuting, practically any excellent group in the West could have become our idols and been imitated. The Backstreet Boys and Westlife were our two favorite groups. Backstreet Boy's music, movements, and spirit were commonly integrated into our performances and songs. However, since then we have become official singers and have long obtained our own mature cohesive music creativity and have no need to imitate others. Moreover, our completely self-created music style along with our innate sense of heightened understanding of each other from the six of us growing up together is already a clear distinction from them."

A recent speculation of faces who will grace the 2010 Spring Festival Gala stage included both Super Junior-M and G.I.P. The fan support online for both groups is so tremendous that it is hard to gauge who is ahead. On the 15th, reporters phoned Hangeng's Chinese manager and the person in charge of G.I.P asking whether the two of them saw the news about receiving invitations to the Gala. The situation wasn’t too clear though, as G.I.P's manager expressed that to being invited to the Spring Festival Gala would be an extreme honor.

However, prior to any meeting at the Spring Festival Gala, G.I.P will be meeting fans near the end of this month to promote their debut album, Us and Us We and Our (我们和我们). It will feature powerful harmony and volatile, high-energy dance that the media calls their killer weapon. Meant to convey a theme about the story of today's youth about life, friendship, love and value, and thankfulness. The name of the album has two layers, the first of which is the deep friendship between the members who have been friends since they were 11 years old and have walked on the same road together encouraging and taking care of each other for 10 years in their determination to always make music together. The second layer is the thanks for the support of the "Royal Family" who have walked with them up to this point, because without them, there wouldn't be today's G.I.P.

Curious? Judge for yourselves whether they are competition for Super Junior M.  Check out their single Duke's Confession (Gong Jue Zi Bai 公爵自白) here:

Credits: Sina, Xinmin

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