Gary Cao in concert tour

After the incident of Gary Cao and Justin fighting on the streets of Hong Kong, Gary's management company has temporarily ceased to accept any new jobs/activities for Gary.  However, Gary's schedule is still filled up all the way till next year.  Gary was just in Toronto, Canada last month holding a concert.  He revealed that he had studied in Canada before, so other than just work, he used the opportunity to visit some of his friends.

Gary will continue to be holding concerts every week in November and December.  Most of these concerts will be held in China and Malaysia.  He will also be working during Christmas holidays, and it has been confirmed that he will be participating in Hunan's new year countdown concert.

It seems that Gary has not been affected much by all the recent negative news.  However, there continues to be rumors of Gary getting into fights again.  Gary expressed, "I've been staying home at Kuala Lumpur to write songs.  I haven't been anywhere, so I don't know why there are still so many of these strange news about me."

Credit: UDN news

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