Fish Leong's last concert before marriage

Just the night before, Fish Leong completed her last concert in hangzhou before her marriage.  7,000 fans at the concert sang along with Fish, making her cry from being moved.  Fish revealed that she would be holding her wedding at three locations: tropical island, Malaysia, and Taipei, spending at least NT$5 million.  She insisted, "No one is allowed to get the groom drunk because there was a groom who was reported dead after drinking too much alcohol.  It's very dangerous."  Fish also plans to have a baby after a year from marriage.

Her "今天情人節 Valentine's Day today" concert has been on tour for a year.  The 17th stop on the night before marks the closing of the tour.  Fish couldn't hold her tears and she invited all the staff to go on stage.  At the celebration party after the concert, she happily said, "I've been engulfed in happiness."

Credit: Applydaily TW, CCTV

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