F.I.R.’s Faye and Real to Mutiny; Kicking Ian Out the Door

Growing rumors of discord between Faye and Real with their leader Ian. New rumors suggest that Ian will be expelled from the band to protect its image.

Popular Taiwanese band F.I.R. has long been rumored that they will be breaking up. With the release of a new album in December, and the recent two-timing scandal, their record company has decided to “Fire” band leader Ian Chen to protect the band’s image.

Rumors of discord have circulated over the years ever since F.I.R.’s debut. It was said that Ian’s serious attitude and high expectations have caused tension with his pupils. Adding to the fact that Faye and Real are a real-life couple, the band’s impending break up has been well known within the industry.

The fuse for this breakup is said to be Ian’s two-timing scandal. There were photos in a local magazine that showed him “going to a hotel before returning home, meeting with two women in one night.” Ian was furious as Faye and Real were suspected of tipping off the reporter. Their record company decided on the split in order to avoid conflicts on stage.

F.I.R has had a positive image up till now; executives at Warners Music were outraged at Ian Chen’s scandal. In order to protect F.I.R.’s image, along with existing conflicts between the band members, F.I.R. must cut off its ties and remove Ian Chen for the time being. The future F.I.R. will most likely appear in the “2 missing 1” format.

When Ian Chen was asked for comments, he did not deny about being expelled from the band. Ian Chen explained, “I have always been working behind the scenes, it is just a step further into the background. There is still a lot of other work to be done.” With the release of F.I.R.’s new album in December, Ian Chen revealed that he won’t participate fully. He will only be attending major events like press conference, album signing’s, and concerts.

As for his scandal, Ian Chen didn’t have much to comment, he said, “In music, I am a teacher. But in love, I am only a student, still working hard to find love."
Source: Liberty Times
Translations: Fufu's PA

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