F.I.R. renews contract with Warner Music; Definitely not disbanding

F.I.R. who has been in showbiz for 5 years, held their contract renewal press conference at Beiing yesterday, breaking the rumors of the group being neglected by their record company for 2 years.  F.I.R. expressed, “We’ve been working non-stop and holding many concerts overseas. We don’t feel that we were being neglected.”  Warner Music also revealed that they were one of the most money-making singers of last year, where their income surpassed that of Jolin Tsai when she first signed with Warner Music.

After 5 years in Warner Music, F.I.R. expressed that trust is the most important factor and their price to renew their contracts was discounted.  Recently, the Real and Faye pair has been put under attention by the media making leader, Ian Chen, feel left out.  However, Ian explained, “We really do see each other daily.  Real’s office is just right next to my company.  Sometimes, when they practice too loudly, I could hear them in my office!”

The year before, Real proposed marriage at a concert, receiving many blessings from the fans.  But Faye and Real expressed that they do not have any plans of getting married yet.  At the moment, they will focus on music.  On the other hand, Ian Chen and his girlfriend, Xie You Hui, have been dating for many years, yet recent rumors reveal that Ian is cheating, where he stayed overnight at another girl’s place.  He replied sincerely, “I’m a teacher when it comes to music, but I’m still a student when it comes to love,” unwilling to say anymore about his private life.

December 25 will be F.I.R.’s 5th anniversary since their debut.  Chen Ze Shan, CEO of Warner Music Asia, specially gave F.I.R. an engraved steal heater as a present.  F.I.R.’s album will be released at the end of the year and Real and Faye take on a producer role for the first time, while Ian as production director, letting Real and Faye complete the music themselves, but the product will still be sparks that came from all members of the group.

Yesterday, F.I.R. also happily announced their official website and named it “後樂園” (Hidden Eden).  Lead vocalist Faye expressed, “Our group’s name, F.I.R. (Fairyland In Reality) means paradise.  We named our web “後樂園” (Hidden Eden) because we hope that our fans would be happy upon visiting the site.”

Source: UDN news

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