Fan Fan and Blackie to Ring in the New Year Together

This New Year’s Eve concert will include a diverse roster, with the program coordinator informing Taiwanese entertainer/singer Fan Fan (Christine Fan/Fan Weiqi) of the arrangements. Fan Fan also felt it was fitting: “I think it will be fun this way. The coordinator had asked me if I was willing to go on stage with Blackie, and I was personally willing! I felt that the feeling of counting down together will be sweet.”

After the news that Blackie (real name: Chen Chien-Chou) and his girlfriend at the musical event together as a group was decided, Blackie expressed that he really hoped that he could attend with her. Blackie is currently done with the work he has at hand, and definitely has room to spare on his schedule. If everything goes smoothly, Blackie and Fan Fan will be on stage together on New Year’s Eve. When the time comes that the both of them will have their moment is at the discretion of the coordinator. But when Blackie ushers in the new year, it would be more than fitting for him to propose to her.

For those of you know familiar with Fan Fan, you can check out an MV of one of her outstanding songs from her 2009 album "F One".

Christine Fan's "Gray Rainbow" MV:

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