Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan and BBT’s Ah Ben in Love?!

Aaron Yan and Ah Ben have been rumored to be a couple for quite some time.

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan has been spotted around town with BBT’s Ah Ben several times recently. The two were reportedly watching movies and shopping at the local department stores. Ah Ben seemed to be quite excited while hanging around his junior while they attracted attention of bystanders. When he was asked about his relationship with Aaron Yan yesterday, Ah Ben laughed, “Ai-ya…, rumors about us have floated around for ages. We might as well become the hosts of ‘Arrival of the King’s Mother’.” It was an open offer to challenge (the real hosts of ‘Arrival of the Queen’ with TV’s favorite guy-couple) Ah Bu and Mrs. Bu, Guo Xin.

Aaron Yan and Ah Ben became friends when they worked on the idol drama “Tao Hua’s Love Conquers All” (aka “MoMo Love”). Aaron and co-star Gui Gui were said to have on-set arguments at the time and Ah Ben even became their peacemaker. After the project was scrapped, the two guys didn’t seem to end it there as they became closer instead. Rumors swirled that Ah Ben went along when Fahrenheit visited Hong Kong for work.

Since Aaron Yan’s debut, he has been photographed with “yoga-man” entering and leaving his home freely, going around town with former BBT boy “Gua Gua”, and most recently being in the company of Ah Ben. In addition to continuing rumors that Aaron Yan likes being around boys, Ah Ben is clean-cut, known as a member of the princess-gang, along with a bundle of girlishness; his sexuality is a mystery.

When Ah Ben was asked for comments yesterday, he laughed, “I have heard from many people that we've been a couple for a long time.” He said, “It's difficult to find friends within showbiz, so I treasure my friendship with Aaron Yan and Xiao Tian Tian.” He believes in staying true to one's self.

Aaron Yan’s management company expressed that there are too many false rumors and there is no need to pay attention to them. “Please don't distort a normal friendship. Focus on his work instead.”

Ah Ben does Rock-climbing to show his manliness

Yesterday, Ah Ben and his co-host Butterfly visited Dan Jiang high school to participate in rock-climbing for their show “Butterfly is so beautiful”. Butterfly gave up half way, while Ah Ben exerted his manliness and continued on until he reached the top. He even let go at the highest point and spun around. Aaron Yan also happened to have practiced rock-climbing for a concert previously. Even though he lacks strength in his legs, he showed off an “impressive lower body”, over powering Ah Ben's modest “package”.

Source: Liberty Times
Translations: fufu's PA

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