Evonne and Ivy Hsu strip naked to get their IDs?!?!

A few days ago, the sister combo, Evonne and Ivy Hsu went on "WTO姐妹會" (WTO sisters gathering) and revealed their experience when they applied to get their Taiwan residence permit.  They shared that at the time, they were asked to do a health examination in order to complete the application.  However, they shockingly revealed that they were asked to undress by the doctor to conduct a "thorough" examination.  They also indicated that the examining doctor had touched their private areas.  Another guest at the show, who was of foreign nationality and got married in Taiwan, nodded in agreement.

Related departments explained that whenever there is an application for obtaining an ID or residence permit, it requires a health record, but they have never heard of cases where an applicant is required to strip naked.

Credits: NOWnews, Appledaily

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