Evan Yo receives swimming briefs as birthday present

Evan Yo, who will be turning 23 in December, hosted a radio show on Hit FM for a week as a substitute DJ.  Hit FM presented Evan with a pair of sexy swimming briefs as a birthday gift.   Evan embarrassingly explained that whenever he sees muscle men wearing swimming briefs or girls in bikinis, he would often think that they're here to showoff.

Evan, who will be fulfilling his military duties soon, expressed that he has been asking his friends about their experiences in the army, but at the same time, he is not afraid of the tough exercises.  In order to prepare himself, he has been working out every day.  He revealed that he is able to do 6 chin-ups, 36 push-ups, and 50 sit-ups all in one go.

As for receiving this special birthday present prior to setting off to serve the army, Evan replied, "When I come back, I will wear this pair of swimming briefs and shout, 'I'm back!  Hurry and come see my buff body!'"

Credit: UDN news

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