Evan vs. Abin on 100% battle

Several days ago, Evan Yo and Abin Fang appeared on 100% Entertainment’s 100% Battle theme. The battle started immediately with Show Luo on Abin’s side and Xiao Gui with Evan. In the first round, Evan and Abin each performed their latest singles, “小乖乖” (little goodie) and “天黑黑” (dark sky), where Evan took a temporary lead. In round two, although Abin won the crowd, Evan showcased his musical talent by playing Show’s “我不會唱歌” (I Can’t Sing) and “一支獨秀” (One man show) on his violin. Even Show couldn’t help but praise Evan’s violin skills and asked, “Is your violin better or Leehom’s?” Evan smiled timidly.

Evan did a dance routine while Abin showed his opera singing skills in round 3. Although Evan’s dancing skills were at an elementary level, he took the lead again. In the final round, Abin and Evan were asked to rearrange and perform Jolin Tsai’s hit song, “大丈夫” (Real man). Abin rearranged the song using pop-rock style, while Evan took a jazz-style approach. Although the song lyrics would make any male singer embarrassed to sing it, Abin and Evan hung in tight and sang aloud, “I don’t want a boyfriend, I need a real man.” After Evan’s performance, Show teased Evan, “If it was a girl singing like you (jazz version), I would say, ‘yes, that’s how it should be,’ but it’s just awkward hearing a guy sing it like that.” Xiao Gui joked, “He’s still young.”

After this fierce battle, Abin and Evan ended in a tie, so they both got to promote their new albums.

Watch Evan perform Show's “我不會唱歌” (I Can’t Sing) and “一支獨秀” (One man show) on his violin

Abin's pop-rock version of Jolin's "Real Man"

Evan's jazz version of Jolin's "Real Man"

The final round of rearranging songs has become a popular segment of the show, and Evan made a memorable debut on this segment last year.

Watch Evan's piano version of Jay Chou's "雙截棍" (Nunchucks)

Evan's pop-rock version of Show's "我不會唱歌" (I can't sing)

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