ELVA celebrates 10 yr anniversary with a New Year countdown concert

Who here still remembers ELVA's debut album, Cappuccino?  2009 marks ELVA's 10 year anniversary in showbiz, and there's no better way to celebrate it than to hold a New Year count down concert. 

At a short interview with UDN news, ELVA admits that she has had some ups and downs in her career.  For one, she has never had any luck with the Golden Melody Awards.  However, she continues to think optimistically, "What's important is to continue doing your best, and showcasing your best performances to the audience."

It's definitely exciting to see what ELVA has prepared for us in her upcoming concert on December 31st.  At the moment, it's confirmed that her best friend, Cheryl Yang, will be her special guest at the concert.  I wouldn't set my expectations on Cheryl's singing and dancing skills too high, but Cheryl's popularity has definitely risen to the top after starring in the drama, My Queen.

Meanwhile, ELVA will be launching the second edition to her latest and 10th album, Diamond Candy, which will include the duet, "Wow," with Show Luo on a bonus CD.  The bonus CD will also have remix versions of some tracks in Diamond Candy as well as some of her classic hits like "最熟悉的陌生人" (Most familiar stranger) and "我愛你那麼多" (I love you so much).  Diamond Candy's second edition is to be released on November 6!

Here is a list of the tracks to be on the Bonus CD:
01. WOW feat.羅志祥 演唱會主題曲+唯舞獨尊年度主題曲
02. 閃閃惹人愛 Break Beat Remix By DJ Z
03. 不愛請閃開 Trance Remix Remix By DJ Z
04. 沒有人 Spanish Version Remix By Novade DC
05. 我愛你那麼多 Just Chill Out Remix By Novade DC
06. 甩啦甩啦 Salsa Hot Mix Remix By DJ Moolades
07. More More More Techno Remix Remix By DJ Z
08. 最熟悉的陌生人 Urban Beat Remix By Novade DC
Check out ELVA's lastest MV, "不愛請閃開" (Don't love, then please move aside)

Video source: elva1987yxh

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