Elisa Lin Releases New MV for Upbeat Song "I Believe"!

Elisa Lin’s New Album “I’m Not” is a Full Range of Creativity

Taiwan’s Mandopop scene hasn’t experienced a pleasant surprise from an all-around music fanatic quite like female acoustic rocker Elisa Lin. Bringing a breath of fresh air with her dynamic rock sound, Taiwan finally gets their long-awaited new female rocker in today’s current music scene.

Her Transformed Courageous “Belief”

Belief is Elisa Lin abandoning her studies and the orchestra she was a part of in America. Returning to Taiwan to write her first song, Elisa had the fortunate opportunity of meeting a well-known poet with a talent for music. With the help of her new teacher in writing fitting lyrics, Elisa was able to write her new song “Faith”, because of her ideals and passion for music. Elisa also composed the song with a fast pace, having a rock guitar sound that is nimble yet full of vigor.

After listening to the song, one gets a new sense of resolve, as if though they can change anything. This is Elisa’s style of rock music, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Elisa Lin's "I Believe" MV (courtesy of TaiwanMV):

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Source: TaiwanMV

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