Edison Chen: I have forgiven myself

Hong Kong star Edison Chen visited Taiwan for the second time this year after his nude photos scandal.

Celebrity Edison Chen visited Taiwan on Nov. 20th for the second time this year. He was there to help with his friend DJ Tommy to promote his upcoming album. There were rumors recently that Edison Chen has broken up with his girlfriend. He stated that their relationship is still very good. When asked if he has plans for a future family, he denied that on the spot.

While promoting DJ Tommy’s new album, he also talked about life in L.A. He has been living on his by himself, and taking care of his own chores without the help of any assistants. It made him appreciate the friends who have helped him in the past, and realized that his requests were unreasonable at times.

Edison Chen said that he has spent the last two years thinking through about what he wants. His lifestyle in the past was overly fast-paced, so it was the right time to stop and think. He indicated that his current position is still the owner of his company, strategizing on its investments and operations. As for his position as an artist, it is still uncertain. In addition to launching his store in Taiwan next year, he also plans to invest in three to four movies, and take classes on film-producing. Edison Chen said that it will be an independently produced film with a modest budget. If they are unable to find a suitable actor, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of playing the role himself.

When asked about his return to showbiz, Edison Chen expressed that he is not certain about continuing on in Asia, but possibly in the US instead as there is less pressure. However, he is certain that when his store opens in Taiwan next year, if he has the chance to release another album, he will come to promote it for sure. He said that he enjoys performing live in Taiwan very much.

Edison Chen also talked about things that happened for a reason. He has been thinking a lot during this time period, and he has forgiven himself. When his work is stabilized, he will share his thoughts and feelings about this journey. Edison Chen has shot a high-profile Levi’s commercial in Taiwan earlier this year. His rebound continues this month as he will be endorsing a sporting goods brand in the US, along with sports stars Kobe Bryant and Maria Sharapova.

Source: NOWnews, Liberty Times
Translation: fufu's PA

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