Della's First Time at Night Club?

Della (a.k.a., Ding Dang 丁噹) recently held her first concert at a well-known nightclub today. In response to her performance, she proclaimed, “I waited seven years for this show!”

In order to echo the “night cat” within her, she organized such a concert at a night club venue. Della went on to say that she never had the chance to check out Taipei’s night club culture, and also stated, “Not only is today my first time coming to a night club, but it’s also my first time in my life that I did a concert at one!”

In her opening, Della performed her song “Night Cat”, a song filled with rapid beats and sexy dancing that served to highlight the show, evoking the energy and styles of previously accomplished artists such as Jolin Tsai and ELVA.

Della followed up her performance with “猜不透” (roughly translated as “can’t figure out”). The song displayed her rich singing voice to the presence of the fans. The singer was especially moved by her fans when they sang along with her on the chorus.

Actor-singer and good friend Nylon Chen (陳乃榮) of K.O. 3an Guo fame was also present backstage to watch Della's performance, and eventually came out to perform a song he composed called “Growing Up”. Nylon stated that he wrote the song originally as a Mother’s Day gift, but joked that if it helps sell albums, then the royalties can be used as a Mother’s Day gift.

You can check out the MVs for some of the songs she performed at her concert below.

"Night Cat (夜貓)" MV:

猜不透 MV:

Source: CNA News

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