Ding Dang and Emil Chow to film MV

Many of you might have just learned the name, Ding Dang, after finding out that she is the voice behind the opening and ending themes of Autumn's Concerto.  Ding Dang, from China, released her first debut album in Taiwan in 2007.  She has been praised by many well known artists for her wide ranged vocals.  In her past albums, many big names had helped to work on her albums including quite a few collaborations with members of the popular band, Mayday.

"I love him", the opening theme of Autumn's Concerto, was Ding Dang's first released single from her most recent album, Della (released in beginning of October).  The MV to the single starred Xiu Jie Kai, who was a supporting actor in Black & White.  Ding Dang expressed that she was a fan of the series and loved the character, Xiao Ma.  Thus, her record company made the arrangement to invite Jie Kai to be in the MV.  You can watch the MV here:

Video source: mengsion

Now that Autumn's Concerto is currently airing, Ding Dang and Emil Chow are already filming a MV for the ending theme song, "Suddenly want to love you."  Although Emil, a respectable singer who has been busy with concert tours, is much older than Ding Dang, the MV will contain some scenes with Ding Dang leaning on Emil's chest.  Ding Dang commented, "Emil is very gentle and very nice.  Filming the MV really made me want to fall in love again."

Although I can't say I would be enjoying the MV seeing Emil and Ding Dang in it knowing the age difference and the fact that Emil is a married man, I guess I'm still curious.  Just don't expect something too romantic (haha).  I mean, it can't really beat the Van Ness and Ady An couple which we see at the end of every episode right now, but perhaps the MV will contain some scenes of Autumn's Concerto.  We'll just have to wait to find out.

Credit: UDN news

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