Cyndi Wang's Intimate Calendar Photo Shoot

Cyndi Wang has taken on an intimate look for her recent album “Heart to Heart” with her new calendar photos. For her calendar photo shoot, Cyndi went to work wearing pajamas, hot pants, and a short skirt, appearing with a sexy look that was naturally innocent. However, since Cyndi couldn’t relax with so many people there, they couldn’t complete the shoot until everyone left the area where they were shooting.

A well-known photographer was tasked for shooting Cyndi’s calendar photos, and since the both of them got along so well, Cyndi was more willing to expose her pure and sexy unique charm! Breaking through to her sexy side, it still made her laugh constantly and not be shy. Shooting in the bedroom and bathroom at the time though, Cindy couldn’t feel at ease in expressing herself. Only when the whole crew left except for the photographer and manager was Cyndi able to perform her few simple tasks, and the whole thing took four hours to complete.

After seeing the finished pictures from the shoot, Cindy wasn’t completely satisfied and grumbled, “At first, I thought the clothes that I would be shot were so cute, but after putting them on I discovered that these clothes blended in with my skin color. When we were photographing, it felt like everyone could see through [the clothes]. I was incredibly shy… that kind feeling of being tricked into doing something. I hope my fans don’t misunderstand and think that I wasn’t wearing any clothes!”

You can check out a sample of photos from Cyndi's calendar photo shoot below:

Source: huanqiu

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