Cyndi Wang's Flight Attendant MV Released!

Several days ago, we posted an article which offered an audio snippet and described the making of Cyndi Wang’s upcoming MV for her song "Happy Loving". The song, which is the second to be released as an MV off her latest album "Heart to Heart", is stylistically different in tone from her previous song “Beautiful Days”, and hinted at a much more mature-looking version of Cyndi.

Thanks to the wonderful upload by UrAsianSourceCpop over at YouTube, you can all finally get the chance to see Cyndi’s latest “Happy Loving” MV in all its glory. From the video alone, it’s very easy to see that the singer, known for her cuteness factor, has pretty much abandoned her “Sweetheart Guru” title for a more grown-up flavor for the latest MV. That’s readily apparent in her clothing choices, as Cyndi dons a miniaturized Japan Airlines (JAL) flight attendant uniform, poses in her sexy red dress from a recent photo shoot, and sports a dark evening-fare outfit for her dance sequence.

About the song itself, Cyndi also steps away from her characteristic adorable melodies for a more provocative dance mix, which unsurprisingly matches the new sexy look that Cyndi has been aiming for recently. It shouldn’t be too surprising then that the song was produced by someone that also worked on the dance songs for Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue.

Anyway, check out the recently released MV with the oddly English-sounding song titled “Happy Loving” below to see if Cyndi pulls off the provocative look below!

Cyndi Wang's "Happy Loving" MV:

Source: UrAsianSourceCpop

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