Cyndi Wang on the Verge of Losing Her “Sweetheart Guru” Title?

Yesterday in Taipei, Cyndi Wang went to Shih Hsin University to promote her new album “Heart to Heart” and interact with students. She also revealed two photos that demonstrated her “sexy” and “sweetheart” side. For the past few days, people have been saying that she should give up her status “Sweetheart Guru” to someone else, and asked if she was worried that her Sweetheart Guru title was no longer guaranteed. Cyndi responded back and said that it was not a problem, that the title is up for grabs, and that what’s important is doing her own thing well.

After a two-year absence, Cindy Wang will introduce her new album in December, which will be her first challenge in modeling her sexy new sexy image. While Cyndi was interacting with students at Shih Hsin University, she let the students at the event decide on which image of her -- “sexy” or “sweetheart” -- that they liked the most. While the college students were going crazy over the image of her chest among the two photos, when it came down to the vote, only 9 students supported her sexy image, and the 11 that made up the rest unexpectedly still favored her sweetheart look. The male students that supported her sweet look kneeled down and hollered, “Cyndi is like a sweet fruit, it makes us want to take a bite!”, which made Cyndi blush at this generous confession.

As for what image she personally liked, Cyndi said that she’s more used to the sweet version, but that she’s set to double the sexiness of her sweet image. “Besides my prior sweet image, I want to let everyone see the much more different side of Cyndi.“ About her sexy image however, Cyndi said, “It really makes me blush!”

Busy filming for her drama and promoting her new album at the same time, Cyndi said, “I’m already living a split life.” She expressed that this is her first time going into a drama shoot and album promotion at the same time, and that she only wished to concentrate on one thing before. But while she has no way of getting her current projects to coordinate together all the time, Cyndi replied , “I’ll strive to do my best in all of this however.”

As to the remarks of losing her “Sweetheart Guru” title? Cyndi believes that it doesn’t matter whether you’re either sweet or sexy, and that if you’re not yourself, then you can’t be perfect in anything.

Source: Sina

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