Cyndi Dons Flight Attendant Uniform for Upcoming MV

Cyndi’s new record company stated today that the song “Happy Loving” off her new album will bring back the “uniform charm”. For Cyndi’s next single, the company paid a sum of NT$250K to an airline company in order to film on a Boeing 747. The flight attendant uniform-wearing Cyndi will also become the first Taiwanese singer to be filmed while officially boarding the plane.

The upcoming song, which was produced by veteran music producers that worked with famous artists such as Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, uses a mixture of dance beats, sexy tones, unpredictable chords, and a tempo with a high degree of difficulty that Cyndi said she was attempting for the first time.

Regarding the topic of love for her new single “Happy Loving”, Cyndi believed that many girls are afraid to take the initiative, and express, “I hope that through the song from this album, it will encourage my fellow lady friends to convey themselves and seize the moment. If they’re afraid, then I’ll use this song to help them say it!”

You can check out a 20-second audio preview of the song from Cyndi's record label's blog entry titled "Coffee, Tea, or ......." below:

>>> Preview of Cyndy Wang's "Happy Loving <<<

Source: Epoch Times, Gold Typhoon

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