Crowd gives Cheer a pair of long-tubed socks as good luck

Cheer Chen, who just finished her concert stop at Beijing's Capital Indoor Stadium, will be preparing for a concert at the Kaohsiung Arena back in Taiwan at the end of the month.  Special guest is to be Crowd Lu, who shares similar music styles as Cheer Chen.  Staffs commented, "To see you guys sing on the same stage together is the dream of many fans."  Crowd and Cheer will be performing Crowd's "好想要揮霍" (Want to waste extravagantly), which Cheer wrote the lyrics to, and Cheer's "下個星期去英國" (Going to England next week).

Crowd and Cheer came together to practice yesterday, and Crowd presented her his favorite long-tubed socks as a gift of good luck.  Cheer gigled, "Thanks, but I'll save these to wear during my private time."

Here's a clip of Cheer singing a small part at the press conference

Credit: UDN, appledaily TW

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