Newcomer Cindy Yen's Debut Solo MV!

Following a recent duet with Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, newcomer artist Cindy Yen (not to be confused with similarly-named famous singer Cyndi Wang) recently released a MV for one of her debut songs titled 很旅行的愛情, translated around the streaming video circuit as Very Traveling Love, can also be translated more clearly or poetically as "The Love of Traveling".

The concept of the video is more scenic, as much of it involves viewing grape-picking, piano playing, and such in a stunning European-like countryside, adding a subtle love interest with some random western dude thrown into the mix. During the shoot, Cindy came across some classic BMW vehicles in the countryside. Jay Chou was quoted as saying that as soon as he was done with the filming of his Green Hornet movie, that he would come back to start driving theses cars.

Raised in Texas with a classical music background, but recently discovered in Taiwan with some recent help by famous connections such as Jay Chou, Cindy Yen has established a musical vibe that channels the likes of Angela Chang, while having that beautiful look from the likes of Michelle Hsu of female singing duo Vickie & Michelle.

In the mean time, enjoy her debut solo MV below!

Source:, urasiansource

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