Cindy Yen Releases 2nd Solo MV “Sky After the Rain”

After her debut duet with Jay Chou in “Sand Painting” and her breakout debut solo “Very Traveling Love”, Cindy Yen released her sophomore MV titled “Sky After the Rain” several days ago. This time, the MV consists solely of Cindy demonstrating her impressive skills on a guitar, as she quite literally waits for the sky after the rain. The bright and colorful video highly complements the cheery-sounding tone of the song, as her singing continues to provide more maturity than Cyndi Wang, more liveliness than Angela Chang, and more depth than Jolin Tsai.

Check out the video below and see whether you agree (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop, as usual).

Cindy Yen's "Sky After the Rain" MV:

Source: UrAsianSourceCpop

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